Caught Driving Under The Influence – What Happens Next?

One thing that lingers in most peoples minds is what comes next after that initial confrontation with the police over driving under the influence. Some people may become violent, others try to escape and others try to get sympathy from the law enforcers.

Police Breathalyzer Test

DUI cases are increasing each day all over the world and in most states it is considered a serious offense as it leads to most cases of criminal injuries and deaths. Some of the drugs that are considered for testing include, opiates, tranquilizers, marijuana, amphetamines and cocaine. When your test goes over 0.08% of alcohol in the blood, then you are considered to be guilty of the offence.

Every time someone drives under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they not only put their own life in danger, they also risk the lives of other people who are in the surrounding area. This makes DUI very serious and the culprits faces serious legal charges. The resulting determination can lead to suspension of the driving license, a jail term that is determined by the level of intoxication, or the magnitude of the offence, or a determined fine that is to be paid to the state.

In different countries, the drunk driving penalties vary, though they remain punitive. Most reported cases of drunk driving have revealed that the driver had mixed alcohol with other drugs. This results in further effects, like impaired eyesight, where the driver is unaware of what is going on around them. To determine if the driver is drunk or not they will do the quick field sobriety tests. To determine the identity of the drugs used, the police officer will subject the driver to a blood test, urine test or a Breathalyzer.

Immediately you are caught by the police driving under the influence, get in touch with your attorney and ask them to refer you to a good and experienced DUI lawyer. They will brief you on the preliminaries and guide you through on what to do and what not to do as you await the skilled specialist in this specific area. A DUI lawyer has vast knowledge on the laws that govern driving under the influence and have all the strategies you need to beat the evidence that will be presented against you in a court of law.

The good thing with the DUI lawyer is that he/she will help you will all the paperwork and you will be less tensed as they will do an overall assessment of your case and give you an expected outcome of your case.

Getting a lawyer soon after you land in trouble can be a huge task. You may be confused and not know where to start. The best thing you can do is relax and search online for a DUI defense lawyer or call your personal attorney for a referral. The drunk driving lawyer can save your driver’s license and get your charges reduced.

Soon after identifying your lawyer, organize for a meeting and let them know all about the accident as you can recall. This can be a free consultation, depending on the lawyer, and it will help you determine if you want to continue working with them. Finally discuss on the whole payment options that you have and the upfront fees charged.

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