Typical DUI Charges and Convictions

It is not uncommon to find a friend, a relative or a workmate arrested for DUI. This is a daily occurrence as there are rules and regulations that govern the limit that you should not exceed if you want to enjoy your drink and drive yourself home. There are some people who are unlucky though, they are nabbed with allegations of drunk driving which it can be seen clearly from the alcohol Breathalyzer that he or she had not taken a drink. They are arrested for other petty things like the one leg stand test and they end up in jail. These cases can be avoided when acted upon from a point of knowledge.

Your position in society does not matter when you are charged with DUI. Stars like David Cassidy who was a star in Partridge Family for example has been sent to a rehabilitation center after he was arrested for the third time in January for driving under the influence. He was tested and blew 19% on the alcohol Breathalyzer test which surpassed the legal limit by more than two times. What this means is that David will spend three months or an equivalent of 90 days in a live-in rehabilitation center. He will also be in probation for the next five years. On Monday the 24th March 2014, the attorney representing David Cassidy filed a plea of no contest which basically means that David will also attend an alcohol education case for nine months.

DUI Charges and Convictions

According to Jo-Ann, David’s manager, the arrest came as a result of a relapse to alcoholism after he was faced with hard questions in his lawsuit. David had filed a law suit against Sony Pictures Television for using his image on their merchandise and failing to pay him. On the day of his arrest, he arrived in Los Angeles to submit a deposition in this lawsuit. Prior to this arrest, David Cassidy had spent 102 days in rehab voluntarily and his lawyer confirmed that he was willing to stay in rehab even longer than the sentence required him to since it was for his personal gain.

There are other cases where people from different walks of life are arrested for DWI, with Patricia Almond a case in point where she was arrested on 8th May 2014 when she was driving to work. Patricia who works as a teacher with Humble ISD was seen by the traffic police driving erratically and swerving through lanes on the highway. After thorough investigations, police found different indicators of alcohol intoxication which included red glassy eyes, a strong alcohol odor and difficulty maintaining balance. The school has since declared that she will go through the court system since the incident happened away from school and outside the school hours.

These are just a few case studies of people who have had an experience with drunk driving. In most cases, it is advisable to get an attorney who is skilled and experienced in such cases. This will give you a chance to relax and rethink through the incidences and argue your case. It feels secure to have someone who is experienced by your side.

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