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Our Company
Established in 2006, our company has been pioneering in the legal profession, with specialty for representing individuals accused of DUI in court. Our broad experience in the field makes us the top firm in Anaheim to acquire a diverse client base, with a reputation of winning most cases consulted with us. Our office’s proximity to downtown and checkpoints makes us a “one phone call away” for those who have been cited and arrested for alleged driving under the influence.

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Our Associates
Our company values professionalism at all times, that’s why we handpick and screen our lawyers before taking them aboard. All of associates are high-profile and experienced enough to bring a case to victory. We take pride of our growing clientele, thanks to our dedicated lawyers who make sure that they can win over a charge, lessen the penalties or assist the victims of DUI in complying with the legal paperwork.

We practice what you might call as the legal profession’s version of bedside manner; that is, we empathize with our clients and hear their concerns. We put an extra to the trust that is being given to us. Hence, you can be sure that your case is in the good hands.

Our Mission
Our mission is to make sure that you are being represented in court with high chances of winning the DUI case. We admit that such cases are not as easy as they seem which is why we strive hard to deliver good results for our clients. Unlike many other firms in Anaheim, our specialty in DUI gets us noticed by clients who have been involved in such a case.

Working on this specialty allows us to focus on the matter at hand without failing to see the possible outcomes and repercussions. We see to it that all things are being considered to ensure that the odds are in our client’s favor. Our defenses include but are not limited to proving the innocence of our client against the accusation of DUI and the presence of medical conditions which tend to impair the accused.

Why Get Our Services
The main reason why you should hire us for your DUI case is because we have been there in the court many times enough to know the nuts and bolts of the justice system. Our experience in this area allows us to win over the complicated tangles of the case and ensure that we are producing relevant evidences and situations supporting our client’s claims.

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