The Repercussions of Being Involved in a DUI Case and Finding a DUI lawyer in Anaheim

Have you been driving under the influence of alcohol lately? If you haven’t been caught doing so, then perhaps you’ve been lucky. Hundreds of other motorists are being cited and arrested for this and you will not believe how serious it really is until something like this happens to you.

You’ve been hearing a lot of Hollywood A-list celebrities getting fined and convicted but let’s face it: not everyone can afford the cost and consequences of being charged for drunk driving – including you.

Driving under the influence, or simply called DUI in court jargon, is the act of getting behind the wheel while drunk which may cause the driver to lose capacity to steer carefully, thus endangering the lives of other motorists as well as properties. In some states, it is known as “driving while intoxicated” (DWI) although both are the same criminal offense that is punishable by law.

Throughout the years, the authorities have come up with ways in which to detect alcohol consumption of the drivers and have cited many motorists who they think are not sober at the time of driving. When proven guilty, you could be ordered to pay a hefty fine, serve a jail time, perform community service, surrender your license, or all of the above.

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If the short-term consequences of driving under the influence are not enough to give you the chills, then perhaps the long-term ones might help you realize the magnitude of the case you are facing.

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Considering the penalties that you might get from DUI, it is advisable that you ask for the legal assistance of a lawyer who will also represent you in court. While studying your case, your attorney might be able to shed light on your plight by highlighting the possible repercussions of the corresponding penalties you might incur. Among them are as follows:

Revocation of License – This is particularly inconvenient especially in Anaheim and virtually all of California because you can no longer drive your vehicle to anywhere in the metropolis. Your DUI attorney might also add that commuting to work is impractical as you can always be running late, which in turn might result to low productivity or losing your job altogether. Evading the consequences of DUI—in some states, it is known as “driving while intoxicated” (DWI)—by moving to another state will be futile as there are interstate driver’s registries enabled to follow you wherever you go.

Background Checks – Your DUI lawyer Anaheim based will remind you that potential employers and college administrators may conduct background checks for criminal records, and that such case might hurt your credentials.

Disrupted Work Schedule – While a fine might not put a crimp on your pockets, serving jail time and community service will eventually affect your source of income. Your attorney might also add that you may be disqualified from applying for jobs that require driving if you’re convicted of the crime.

Strained Relationships – These could be your family ties, your work connections, or both. Even if you have successfully won the case, there will still be the stigma resulting from an arrest. People around you might shift their attitude towards you.

Increased Insurance Premiums – Due to your history of arrest, your insurance rates can get higher as insurance providers may consider you as “high risk”. Worst, they may even disable your coverage.

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If you’re anywhere around Anaheim and you were charged for DWI/DUI, the only solution is to get in touch with a reputable DUI lawyer Anaheim. We provide specialized legal assistance for those who are convicted of the offense. For DUI defense we accept clients residing in this area and attend court hearings in which we defend your case to eventually shield you from the repercussions of being charged for the crime.

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